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What is WX Design?

Workplace experience design (or WX design) is the practice of applying design thinking to create a physical work environment that prioritizes employee performance and wellbeing.

The office environment works together with organizational culture and other human resources practices to form the global employee experience.

Why It Matters

Organizations typically spend 10% of their operating budget on facilities (The Elemental Workplace), but only 57% of employees feel that their workplaces enable them to work productively (Leesman Next 250k).

Any well-considered investment in the work environment has the potential to positively impact the effectiveness of the human workforce that makes up 85% of an organization’s cost, but uninformed design decisions can hinder employees’ ability to get work done. Data-driven WX design is an under utilized and cost-effective solution to the problem that only 33% of employees are engaged at work (Gallup).

The Business Case

A successful workplace can be measured by its impact on productivity, profitability, and innovation. There is evidence to support the fact that strategic workplace improvements can positively impact all three of these measures.

Through a literature review of over 200 studies, Dr. Nigel Oseland found that strategic changes to the office environment can result in a 2 to 4% improvement in worker productivity (The Stoddart Review). Steelcase found a positive correlation between an employee’s workplace satisfaction and employee engagement, and Gallup and Glassdoor have found that companies with the most engaged employees are more profitable. The Gensler 2016 Workplace Survey found that workplace design is one of three primary drivers of organizational innovation, alongside meaning and relationships. 

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